Chocolate Mint 100g


Chocolate mint is a strong mint with a hint of a chocolate taste, it has the aroma of after dinner mints. It can be used in hot drinks like tea and hot chocolate, as well as chocolate desserts.

This variation of mint is a dark green colour, with brown tinged stems and a taste and smell of chocolate.

Culinary Suggestions

  • This is a difficult herb to add to savoury dishes as it really tastes of chocolate and mint! Flavour combinations can be mellowed out with the addition of Sloe Gin or such to add some sharp tones.
  • Experiment with venison, mallard, pigeon, and hare but these are not easy bedfellows be careful!
  • So much more successful in the dessert category.
  • White chocolate mint ice cream.
  • Dark chocolate ganache tartlets with fresh raspberries.
  • Dark chocolate mint torte.
  • Chocolate mint meringue.
  • Chocolate Marquise with chocolate mint and brandy.
  • Chocolate mint ravioli with crushed Amoretti and mangoes.
  • Chocolate mint mousse with flambé oranges.

Suggested Pairings

Strawberry, Venison

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