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Chives are one of the most ancient of all the herbs and were found in China 3000 BC.

Garlic chives or Chinese chives as they are sometimes known are used extensively in Chinese and Asian cooking. Their subtle garlic flavour is much milder and sweeter than the common chive and the onion flavour is not so strong. They differ from the common chive, having a flat or strap like leaf and white tubular flowers which are edible.

Garlic chives can add a subtle garlic flavour in uncooked dishes where garlic would be overwhelming.

They work well in slow simmering sauces or as an alternative to garlic salt.

Use the florets from the flower heads for garnish or in salads. They have an intense garlic flavour.

Culinary Suggestions

  • Garlic butter made with the addition of Garlic chives adds to the flavour.
  • Garlic chive bread is also good particularly in white breads where the chives can be clearly seen through the dough.
  • Use in stuffing and egg dishes. They are particularly good in scrambled egg and with seafood.

Suggested Pairings:

 chicken, egg, goat cheese, pork, shellfish, soft cheese

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