Green Fennel 100g


Common green fennel is a feathery aniseed flavoured herb.

Every part of the plant can be eaten.

Roman ladies ate fennel to avoid obesity, but research today indicates that fennel can reduce the effects of toxicity on the body. The flavour of green and bronze fennels are very similar, as are their uses.

Culinary Suggestions

  • Risotto of king prawn and green fennel, parmesan and herb fennel salad, tomato and fennel salad with first pressed rapeseed oil, tomato and fennel sauce for linguine with fish and chicken. Meat balls with green fennel and Mediterranean sauce.
  • crab salad with fennel and celeriac remoularde
  • Avocado, fennel and feta cheese salad with olive oil and black pepper.
  • BBQ lobster with fennel mayonnaise.
  • All shellfish respond well to the use of Fennel in dishes the aniseed like flavours are well paired with shellfish.
  • Roasted fennel with green fennel dressing and pan fried fish such as Salmon would work well.

Suggested Pairings:

avocado, hard cheese, oily fish, olive, shellfish, tomato, white fish

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