At Herbs Unlimited we grow a wide range of lettuce for the ready to eat.

We add our baby leaves or herbs to these and the resulting mix provides a full flavoured and well balanced product for our wholesale and retail customers.

Our home grown washed salads are in season from June to September and are as follows:

Washed Mixed Leaves

Fresh washed and ready to eat salads.

Garden Herb Salad

Contains a mix of Apollo, Bulls Blood, Spinach and Chives. Available in 100g retail, 200g, 250g & 500g.

Italian Salad

Contains a mix of Lollo Rosso, Apollo, Fine Endive, Red Chard, Bulls Blood, Mizuna and Rocket. Available in 100g retail, 200g, 250g & 500g.

Primary Salad

Contains a mix of Lollo Rosso, Apollo, Fine Endive and Red Salanova. Available in 100g retail, 200g, 250g & 500g.


Available in 200g or 1kg box

Unwashed Salads

Available in 100g, 250g and 500g.


Bulls Blood



Green Mizuna

Lollo Rosso

Red Chard

Red Mizuna

Red Pak Choi

Red Salanova


Mixed Speciality salad boxes

Carefully selected to achieve the fullest flavour and colours to complement each other which are unique and delicate with a distinctive flavour.

800g leaf mix includes 7 of the following:

  • Red Russian Kale
  • Red Pak Choi
  • Amaranth
  • Greek Cress
  • Red Mizuna
  • Red Chard
  • Tat Soi
  • Chop Suey Green
  • Bubble Cress

A taste of Yorkshire for your business

Herbs Unlimited are expert suppliers of fresh herbs to all kinds of businesses. We know what a difference having fresh ingredients makes to the success of your recipes and the happiness of your customers. That’s why we deliver traditional herbs all year round from our Yorkshire farms and trusted growers.

Based in the North of England, we’re perfectly positioned to distribute all over the UK. Our own temperature controlled vehicles deliver crisp, delicious, herbs and salads to your premises, with daily distribution to Scotland and London.

We regularly supply to wholesalers, processors, retailers and chefs to ensure the very best produce for customers. Please get in touch if you need large quantities of any of our traditional herbs.

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