Lavender has been used for both culinary and cosmetic purposes for centuries. It’s use as a relaxant and it’s strong scent have made it a core ingredient of the perfume industry.

The leaves can be used as a substitute for rosemary and the flowers are lovely in salads and jellies.

This is a potent herb that must be used in moderation.

Culinary Suggestions

  • Shortbread and lavender biscuits, lavender jelly, lavender iced tea, lavender crème brulee, lavender lemon cake, lavender fudge, herb and lavender bread, lavender poached peaches and blackberries, lavender iced cup cakes, lavender spiced meats, lavender cocktails.
  • Lavender has to be used in moderation and if you over do the dishes with lavender it can taste soapy and overbearing.

Suggested Pairings:

blackberries, lamb

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