Sweet Cicely 100g


Sweet cicely is a sweet, aniseed flavoured herb which is a very good sugar substitute. Its fern-like leaves are very attractive and it has a long growing season.

It is particularly good with tart fruit such as rhubarb as it reduces the acidic flavour and the sweetness and aniseed add an extra dimension to the fruit which is really worth trying.

Culinary Suggestions

Makes fantastic Schnapps with vodka using the stems and leaves of sweet cicely.
Infuse into custards to serve with fruit crumbles and hot fruit desserts like rhubarb and sweet cicely pie.
Try candied stems for garnish
Sweet cicely steamed and pureed with scallops.
Chopped and cooked through brioche as an accompaniment to a fish starter
Cous cous salad with yoghurt, sweet cicely and roasted pine nuts
Sweet cicely and crème brulee.
Sweet cicely added to fruits with low sugar level can mean the use of less sugar when cooking and experiments are taking place to ascertain how sweet cicely can be used as a sugar substitute.
Suggested Pairings

apple, rhubarb, scallops, vodka

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